Key Personnel

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About Us

​​​William Beckfeld (CEO)

William has thirty plus years of construction experience beginning his career as a project manager and subsequently owning his own construction business.  He has built 100+ buildings from the ground up where he was the general manager.  The buildings he has constructed have varied from 2,000 to 100,000 sqf, with the average being 20,000 sqf.  He has built single and multi-story buildings.  The projects include office, manufacturing, distribution, convenience stores, banks, auto dealerships, and day care centers. 

Bill Beckfeld Jr (VP Construction Operations)

Bill Jr has been working in the construction industry since 2002 with experience ranging from all sectors of work commercial to residential.  He has a driving passion for the design and construction process start to finish.  He spends his days split between the office and our jobsite being sure not only budgets but also schedules are kept and met.

Nicole Loesch (VP Project Management)

Nicole has been working in the commercial construction business since 2012.  She has worked in a variety of roles from Job Superintendent to Project Manager and is proficient in all aspects of commercial construction.  She has expertise in scheduling, managing subcontractors, and dealing with multiple city departments.  

Mary Beckfeld (CFO)

Mary brings twenty plus years of Fortune 50 corporate experience and provides strategic and operational assistance to support the organization.  She assists the CEO on all matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, and forecasting needs.  She oversees all purchasing and payroll activity, asset management, and insurance plans. She monitors banking activities and ensures adequate cash flow to meet the organization's needs.

Katie King (Associate Project Superintendent)

Katie joined the team in 2018.   She spends her days in the field on job sites supervising all of the subcontractors, keeping them on schedule and raising issues as needed.  She is learning all aspects of commercial construction and looks forward to future leadership opportunities in the company.